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Enter HPID

I am so grateful to finally announce the next phase of my little company. With big dreams, great ideas and now, a place to watch it all come to fruition and grow, HPID studio is opening it's (very blue) door. Oh, and obviously, launching a new blog.

Many of you want to know...

WHAT is the studio?

It's where the magic happens at HPID, (dare I mention...everything is for sale).

I wanted a beautiful, comfortable space to meet with clients, create and shop for projects. I also thought it would be fun if YOU could shop there too!

WHAT happened to The Coop and Birds of a Feather Design? Ann and I are still collaborating on design projects and she has started painting again! Some of her work can be found at The Studio. We still have The Coop, but it is more of a warehouse for our fab finds...

HPID is simply expanding!

WHERE is HPID Studio? We are located at 3810 Peachtree Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28403

WHEN is the Studio open? By appointment or by chance... we are there a lot, so please stop by!

Be sure to check back often because the Studio is constantly evolving!

Hooper Patterson Interior Design has grown and changed a lot since 2003...


Front showroom
The conference room
My office
The Studio

This little cottage is filled with furniture, lighting accessories, rugs, art and comprehensive interior design services. We would love to help you create the home of your dreams, update or renovate the home that you have or inspire you to make small changes with big impact.

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