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Market Recap...

So... we are back from the High Point Furniture Market. Ann and I went for the first part and then I took Lindsay back for her first market. Yes, I went twice. We shopped until we dropped, bought tons of new stuff for HPID Studio, picked up some great new lines oh...and had a BLAST!

Design Legacy is always BRIGHT and so much fun = a great place to grab art and accessories. We love their fabrics. Stay tuned, HPID Studio scored some major loot.

This stunner is also coming to the Studio. It is jawdropping and could be yours...

CR Laine is always a great spot for new trends, fabulous fabrics and always inspiring. Tobi Fairley's line is glam and over-the-top great in every way.

I went to CR Laine on Monday to visit with my favorite reps, grab some lunch and check out the new arrivals. They greeted me with the BEST surprise! They named one of their new fabrics "Hooper" (don't ask me why, as I am still trying to figure out why my parents named me that), but it meant the world to me. You can order any upholstered piece in "Hooper" in colors "Boxwood" or "truffle". It's "Boho-Glam" they said.... I almost cried. Thank you CR Laine, you made my market!

Swooning over the entrance to Schwung Home, a great new showroom with tons of antiques and killer lighting.

And this beauty is now residing at HPID Studio, IT IS FOR SALE (like everything at The Studio, so do stop by)....

This art piece safely made it home too. It is made my an artist in Bali and each piece is indivudally applied and it is the most beautiful addition to the Studio (or your home).

Ann and I accidentally stumbled into the ribbon cutting. WE WERE NOT STALKING. We were hoping to get a glimpse of our favorite couple and were a little startstruck (a lot) when we found ourselves shuffled about in a large crowd, face-to-face with Chip and some giant scissors.

The Magnolia Home showroom was a treat - we may or may not have been a little over zealous so Chip kept waving at us.

Stay tuned and visit often, we are still unpacking...

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