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HPID Grand Opening Recap!

On the first day of opening, HPID gave to me....

12 bottles of wine, 11 cases of beer, 10 lamps a lighting , 9 pillows propping, 8 art a hanging, 7 sliders sliding, 6 chairs a selling, 5 girls dancing, 4 loafers singing, 3 sofas sitting, 2 cops a visiting.......

and a very open HPID...

What a whirlwind of a weekend! To recap.... Our Grand Opening on Friday night was a huge success! Thank you to all of my friends, family, clients and HPID fans that joined us!

We had a blast -- the "White Loafers" are my new favorite band and I'm certain they scored some future gigs."Vittles" southern fare was amazing -- as I have been eating leftover pimento cheese for two days.

The cops showed up (always an indicator of a great party) and so.... I offered him a Vittles burger slider just to smooth things over. Mad props to High Performance Lighting and Party Suppliers for hooking us up with helping to make our outdoor space beautiful, oh and of course, to God for the weather. We never even turned on the heaters!

Our furniture, lighting, accessories and Ann's art was hit... we raised money for "Running on Sunshine" and spread some Christmas cheer. Read was even happy (this is the pic where I told him he would be moving the outdoor living room furniture when the night was over).

It was a success and I must say... I am ready for some rest this holiday season.

Merry Merry, I'm so grateful for you all.

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