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Kitchen Makeover: before and after

Sometimes, you gotta work with what you have. Sometimes, the bones are great, but the execution could be better. A client asked me to come see her large, slightly dated, yet beautiful kitchen. They had bought the house several years ago and wanted to make the kitchen their own. It felt dark and they wanted to bring it back to life. Take a look at this incredible before and after... ​

BEFORE, the counter tops, backsplash were heavy travertine in browns and creams with a black painted island hood and accents. We decided to lighten everything, but decided to put the money in the countertops versus painting the cream cabinets (which were in great condition).


​Clients always ask me if you can mix cream and white. My answer is always: YES! Mix various hues of the same color with finishes, paint and even metals. Find one thing that ties them together and then absolutely, MIX them. By choosing a statuary marble with white, cream, gray and charcoal, we were able to blend the creams and white.


We painted the island, hood, and accent cabinet Benjamin Moore, "Chelsea Gray". Softening the black and going with a warm gray made also tied in the cream and made the kitchen feel less stark with the glossy white tile and honed marble tops.

This marble is a bold choice with lots of movement and color, however, making a bold choice was the showstopper this kitchen needed!

The clients are thrilled and enjoying their beautiful "new" kitchen.

photo cred: Reagan Toups

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