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Shandy Lane Charm

We absolutely love kitchens here at HPID! They are no longer just a place for cooking and eating. Kitchens are a place for families to gather, creativity to be inspired, stories to be told, morning coffee to be poured, and of course for messes to be made. This client's kitchen was truly a wonderful space to tackle and it was so much fun creating a space perfect for the whole family to come together over meals and such. It wasn't screaming for more space but simply needed to put the space that was already available to better use.

Before hand, it was obvious that many areas needed attention such as the floors and cabinets, and the layout of the entire space.

Check out this amazing transformation.

We refinished the hardwood floors throughout, gutted the cabinetry, and created not one but two eat-in spaces for this family of 4. We were also able to add tons of workspace and storage. A huge hidden Thermador fridge/freezer is one of my many favorite features.

The sliding barn door and breakfast table really add character and make the large space feel cozier.

Spring is a season for all things new! We have loved working on this project and are so excited for the many more to come in the next few months. Check out our Instagram @hooperpatterson for day-to-day updates on what is going on over here at HPID!

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