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Catching Up With HPID

So despite the fact that "summer" is supposed to mean VACATION.... this is without a doubt one of the craziest months we have had here at HPID. We wanted to take a moment to catch you up with everything that is going on inside and outside the studio.

Lets start with all our projects! We are currently juggling about 10 current projects everywhere from Figure 8 Island to Wrightsville Beach to Southport. Some of them are very closed to being finished while others don't even have dry wall up.... So to say that we are all over the place is an understatement. This past week we have been wrapping up a couple projects down at Wrightsville while also placing orders left and right for tons of great new pieces!

Earlier this week Hooper and Lindsay got the chance to go up to Raleigh to meet with a client and check out some great tile and countertops! Nothing like a nice little road trip to start off your Monday. These are some of the most gorgeous slabs and tiles they were able to find on their short trip to the capital.

So here we are, in the dead heat of summer and in full swing as far as HPID is concerned. Hooper is heading out to California soon with Southern Living to collaborate with a ton of other great designers, Lindsay is honestly probably working about 22 hours a day while at the same time trying to plan a wedding, and I am trying to start preparing myself to head back to school in the fall which currently seems like a foreign concept. Anyways, see y'all next week for the fourth!! Look out for some red, white, & blue tips on our Instagram throughout the next few days!

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