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Topsail Island House Tour

A daring client asked me to help her construct her home from the ground up. She wanted bold color with a Palm Beach influence. She was willing to take risks and so with a fresh white palette, I chose lots of bold color, pattern to create this fun vacation home for a family with grown kids, spouses and hopefully, one day, grandchildren.

The home is set on the Intracoastal and once you drive down the private bride to the home, you will not want to leave....

Bold pops of coral, turquoise and emerald green works with a white backdrop and a neutral natural fiber rug.

Keeping the larger pieces neutral allows for the color to stand out and make a statement

Stray Dog chandeliers in custom colors accent the kitchen and dining spaces.

The client had beautiful artwork that she had collected over the years. We pulled the color from those pieces and threw in a little Palm Beach and viola!

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